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Evan Sacks

Senior Partner

25+ years experience litigating catastrophic injury cases, conducting trials and supervising case settlements, acting as political liaison and overseeing our office administration.

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Kenneth Sacks

Senior Partner

25+ years experience managing the firm's most complex cases, directing litigation strategy, conducting trials and pre-trial discovery, negotiating and mediating significant matters.

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Howard Borowick

( 1955 - 2013 )

Senior Trial Attorney

30 years of courtroom experience, with a background in medicine and engineering, conducting hundreds of trials throughout the New York City metro area involving severe injuries ranging from fractures, paralysis, brain injuries and death.

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Scott Singer

Senior Appellate Attorney

A graduate of Stanford University and NYU Law School, Scott has been the voice of Sacks and Sacks in the appellate courts since 1983. He has successfully briefed and argued many of the most important cases in construction accident law, including Gallagher, Runner and Bland.

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Andrew Diamond

Senior Managing Attorney

25 years experience in major case litigation, responsible for client contact, court calendar coordination and management of support staff.

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Peter Moynihan

30 years of litigation experience with Sacks and Sacks delivering quality representation our clients expect and deserve.

Daniel Weir


Member of the Sacks and Sacks team since 2001 who ferociously litigates all aspects of complex litigation up to and including trial. In 2014, Mr. Weir was named to New York’s elite list of Super Lawyers.

Monty Doman

Focus, determination and experience necessary to bring positive results.

Adam S. Levien

Analytical pairings of facts and law solves the puzzle of each case.

David H. Mayer

Member of the Sacks team since 2003 with a specific emphasis in handling all aspects of catastrophic construction cases, has been personally responsible for obtaining settlements, judgments and verdicts for his clients in excess of $40,000,000.00 annually since 2009, a cum laude graduate of New York Law School where he was a member of the Law Review, has been named to New York's elite list of Super Lawyers annually since 2012.

Devon Reiff

The devil is in the details, but hard work and resistance will flush him out.