Evan Sacks

Mr. Sacks is the senior partner of the firm, which was created by his father and two uncles after World War II. In 1982, Evan and his late twin brother, Ken, began working at Sacks & Sacks as interns, where they developed a deep and broad understanding of the construction industry and of that laws that protected construction workers. In 1989, after graduating from Hostra University Law School, both Evan and Ken joined the firm. Building on the foundation laid by their father and uncles, Evan and Ken built the firm into New York’s preeminent law firm for protecting the rights of construction workers and for holding owners and contractors responsible for their negligence. Along the way, the firm has achieved record-shattering jury verdicts and settlements and has won several landmark decisions at the appellate level.

Mr. Sacks is active in the New York State Trial Lawyers Association’s ongoing work to fend off relentless efforts by powerful industry and special interest groups to change the law that protects the rights construction workers that are injured due to other’s negligence. He continues to be active in Washington D.C. and Albany to lend the firm’s voice and financial support to state and national efforts promoting legislation that seeks to force builders and developers to keep their jobsites safe. Mr. Sacks is passionately committed to ensuring that workers and their families are not left alone to pick up the pieces of lives broken by the negligence of wealthy and powerful companies.