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“The job called for a manlift, but the GC tried to save a few dollars on equipment costs. A shaky ladder dropped me 20ft onto my head. I was in a coma for a week and have never really recovered. I lost everything. Sacks and Sacks represented many of my union brothers who were hurt over the years, and every one of them sid great things. I put my trust in them. They gought for me in court and won big….broke the record….so big I won’t have to worry about money ever again. My job is to get better.”


“I was servicing an elevator when the catwalk I was working off gave way, dropping me 30ft into the pit. I broke both feet and still, after 4 years can’t walk right. My case was complicated. I didn’t really understand the Building Code or Labor Law but by lawyers at Sacks and Sacks did. They got me a fast trial and helped the jury feel my pain. They awarded me millions for all of my pain and disability.”


“That car came crashing into my door….I was trapped with my leg snapped in half, and bleeding bad..the other driver tried to say it was my fault. My life used to be active. I enjoyed sports, travel and dancing…life was great before. Sacks and Sacks sued for me, and beat the insurance company. The jury knew it was his fault and made a substantial award. Now, I can move on.”


“We were off-loading some huge headers. The crane operator missed a signal and dropped the load on me. I lost my leg and my career. I spend my time in a wheelchair because they can’t get a good fit on my prosthetic. Lots of lawyers wanted my case, but Sacks and Sacks had the best record in court by far. I Couldn’t afford to take any chanced with my family’s financial future so I chose them….and good thing I did.”


“My daugther was born pre-maturely after many medical mistakes by the doctors at the hospital. She is brain damaged and has every deficit you can imagine. My lawyers Sacks and Sacks have helped us in every phaase of this ordeal. They have treated us like part of their family…patience and compassion to go with their skill and tenacity. They uncovered the truth in the doctors own charts. We have a court date and are confident that the jury will not be fooled.”


“The jobsite was a mess, with poor organization between the subs and bot enough laborers to keep up. Someone threw some wood over the side and it knocked me out…but no one owned up to it. Surgery, therapy and injections have bot gotten rid of the heachaches and back pains. Sacks and Sacks investigated, gound the guys that hurt me and made the insurance company pay. They resisted at first but were too scared to go against my lawyers in court.”


“I was a union bridgepainter. My life was great. Great family, great career, great home… bright future. The tranisit switchman ended all that when the rail crushed my hand. Sacks and Sacks fought an uphill fight to help the jury see right through the defense lies. My attorneys got me the money I needed to repay my relatives, support my family and retrain for a different job. I love those guys and would recommend them to anyone in my union, or in my family who gets hurt.”