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We, at Sacks and Sacks, believe that accident victims deserve and therefore receive our sympathy and compassion.
At our firm, our clients are treated with respect and dedication, and benefit throughout the litigation process from our expert representation.

By law, all injury lawyers are compensated at the same rate, on a contingency, meaning we, as your lawyers are paid if and only if…and when and only when the client’s case has been resolved successfully whether by settlement, verdict or appeal.

Simply put, if you seek recovery after being injured in an accident on the job, or otherwise, the finest lawyers will never cost you more, but less than the finest representation can cost you what you are entitled to.


Very often, as a result of changing conditions at the site of your accident, time is of the essence. Call our office as soon as you are able. If it is necessary, our attorneys will meet with you at your home or in the hospital, insuring that your rights are protected as soon as possible.

Our staff is multilingual and available to speak to you in Spanish, Cantonese, Italian, Russian, Hindi and Bahasa.


Because of our superior record of results in the courtroom or at the mediation table, we have earned the finest reputation possible in the legal community and in the community at large. Our high level of expertise in all areas of injury cases, and particularly in the area of construction accident law, have led to many referrals from other lawyers who understand the complexities of these significant matters and recognize our unique ability to litigate them.


time is of the essence…