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Each year construction site accidents claim the health, the careers, and sometimes even the lives of tradesmen and tradeswomen in the Metro area. New York laws and regulations are designed to keep sites safe and protect the workers. Developers and construction companies are charged with that responsibility but often sacrifice the safety for profits, by failing to provide safety devices and/or failing to supervise and coordinate the various subcontractors.

Most of these accidents are avoidable. The union labor force has built our city, its schools, its hospitals, its roadways…and is entitled to have the safety rules followed. The homes we live in, the skyscrapers we work in, and the stadiums in which our favorite teams play, were constructed with their sweat and tears, and need not require the sacrifice of their blood and bones.

Our lawyers have the expertise in construction methodology to offer a jury a compelling presentation of evidence. Whether your accident involved the failure of a crane, a scaffold or ladder…whether it occurred during the use of a chainfall, sandblaster, or welding torch…or whether rebar was being tied, rivets were being busted or curtain wall was being installed…our lawyers are best equipped to litigate against the owners and general contractors.

Our record in the Courtroom is second to none in the area of construction accidents. Call for a free consultation if you were hurt on the job site.


New York requires that companies that design and/or manufacture products, or those who distribute or ultimately sell them, be they toys, fixtures, tools, appliances, textiles, building materials or vehicles, ensure that their products are safe, properly labeled, and not defective in any way. Proper and adequate warnings must be provided so that consumers do not mistakenly misuse the product or subject themselves or others to danger of injury, amputation, or death.

Manufacturers of cribs, sporting goods, tools, vehicles and drugs, the big retailers that market and sell them, and the insurance companies that insure them are who stand between you and your day in Court. They hire armies of attorneys and spend millions to defeat victims who are hurt while using or being subjected to their product. If you are such a victim, you need to rely on the fact that your lawyer has what it takes to advocate for your rights…to battle in the courtroom against these powerful adversaries…to call upon his firm’s resources, personnel, financial depth, and its technological expertise to win!

Warrantees run out…recall notices expire…important evidence can be lost or destroyed, or even hidden. Time may be of the essence, and your rights to a fair and complete trial may be compromised if you wait too long. A free consultation with our attorneys will answer your questions so that you can rest easy knowing that you are represented by the best team of lawyers available. Call our office as soon as you are able.


Cars, trucks and buses are operated on the streets and highways of our cities every hour of every day. When negligence leads to an accident where you are injured, you have important rights, whether you were a driver, passenger or pedestrian. There are Traffic Laws and No-Fault Laws are aimed to protect you on the sidewalks and roadways from careless drivers. The owner, driver, or the insurance company for the vehicle that caused the crash must pay for the damages resulting from the driver’s carelessness, and it’s our job to make them pay!

Sacks and Sacks attorneys have decades of experience in maximizing the recovery of motor vehicle accident victims for their medical expenses and loss of earnings. More importantly, where appropriate, substantial awards are gotten by our lawyers to compensate our clients for the injury to their bodies, their physical pain, and emotional suffering.

We investigate the accident, interview witnesses and have the accident site evaluated and analyzed by professional engineers. We study and consider the action of the vehicles, the roadways, the control devices, in addition to the vehicles themselves. Accident reconstruction, expert consultations, animation, force/vector analysis are the tools of our trade, with which we build our case for our clients.

Was any alcohol, cell phones, text-messaging, or driver inattention a contributing cause of the crash? Was there a mechanical defect, or faulty maintenance, or roadway design flaw that led to the accident? The questions are there…we get to the bottom of these issues.

When the “rules of the road” fail you, or when seatbelts, and airbags don’t prevent the damage to your body, we can help you sort out the mess. If you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident, call Sacks and Sacks immediately for a free consultation.


New York State requires all employers, or their Workers Compensation carriers to pay for all medical expenses incurred in the treatment of injuries sustained on the job, regardless of fault. There is also money that should be paid to the injured worker to replace income lost as a result of his disability. As you have no doubt heard, the carrier usually resists paying all or some of the benefits due.

Getting your weekly checks, and having all of your necessary medical care paid for as it is required is critical to the worker, and important to us, as counsel. Your problems are our problems…our solutions are your solutions.

If you have been injured on the job, and have questions about what money benefits you are entitled to, call the attorneys at our firm for a free consultation. The opposition will fight tooth and nail to hold onto the money, your money, so you need to have professional help on your side.


Owners of property, and their managing agents, have a legal responsibility to keep their property safe and free of dangerous conditions. These could include defective stairs, icy sidewalks, misleveling elevators, faulty wiring, and loose or missing rails. Accidents arising out of missing child guards for windows, poor lighting and even vicious animals can be the basis for a substantial legal recovery for the damage done.

Site investigation, canvassing for witnesses, and documenting dangerous conditions with photography, and engineering analysis, are the methods we, at Sacks and Sacks, avail ourselves of, regardless of the time or expense involved, to best serve our clients.

Landlords and their insurance companies will do what they can to deprive victims of their just compensation. Broken hips, skull fractures and disability from a wide variety of injuries ruin lives and put terrible burdens on families; financial and emotional.

Our firm shifts the burden of chasing justice to ourselves. It’s our job to get clients what they are due, from those who are legally responsible. If you have fallen at work, in your apartment building or on the way from work to your apartment building, and have been injured in a way that has affected your life or ability to work, call Sacks and Sacks for a free consultation.


Cancer clusters, birth defects and cognitive deficits…any or all of which occur as a result of the ingestion of contaminated water, the inhalation of polluted air, the exposure to deadly fumes, or the medicating with unreasonably dangerous medicines…may be, and often are actionable injuries.

These are complex matters which require a sophisticated understanding of medicine, anatomy, and the laws applicable to multiple industries. Call Sacks and Sacks for a free consultation.


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