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The firm’s attorneys have achieved verdicts and settlements that are among the largest in New York and even the entire country. Hundreds of these recoveries were based upon verdicts or settlements of over $1M, many of which exceeded $10M.

We utilize graphics, models, animations and other forms of technology to demonstrate our points to the jury, and win for our clients. We invest all of our resources, personnel, financial, and expertise to put our clients in the best possible position to move on with their lives.


Ironworker. Age 22. Ladder collapsed. Fell 30ft. GC failed to provide manlift. Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion, and cognitive deficits. Resulting in total disability.


Ironworker Journeyman. Age 34. Failed anchor bolts. Crushed by column. Subcontractor negligent. Suffered sacral and pelvic fractures, emotional overlay and permanent disability.


Structural Ironworker. Fell through unguarded opening.


Laborer. Age 23. Fell down defective stairway. GC failed to coordinate the trades. Suffered severe injuries to both knees. Construction career ended with no alternative skills.


Structural steelworker. Knocked off beam. Fell 45ft. Coma and traumatic brain injury requiring years of cognitive training. Fractured spine requiring multi-level fusion. Requires homecare and supervision.


Connector. Age 38. Struck by crane boom. Accident caused by defective component. Suffered brain damage, cognitive loss and serious orthopedic injuries. Lifetime total disability.


Carpenter fell from scaffold. Neck and back injuries. Spinal surgery resulting in permanent disability.


Mason tender. Age 30. Slips on ice covered ramp. Contractor inadequate maintenance of site. Herniated disks and fractured cervical spine requiring surgery, therapy and injections.


Elevator mechanic. Age 35. Fell from defective catwalk. Landlord’s negligent inspections. Fractures to both heels. Total disability after bilateral fusion surgeries and physical therapy.


Skyrail contractor. Cement section struck hard hap. Subcontractor begligence. Head and neck injuries. Surgeries led to permanent total disability


3,000lb. Stone panel struck worker. GC’s violation of city regulations. Injury to neck and back. 7 level spinal fusion. Fused pelvis with surgery. Psychological injuries.


Ironworker. Age 55. Crane accident. Resulting in traumatic leg amputations. Needs full time home care, therapies, prosthetics.


Master elevator constructor. Age 55. Struck by falling cinder block caused by GC’s negligence. Skull fractrure, brain damage, blindness. Requires lifetime custodial home care.


Labored. Age 31. Impaled by scaffold support penetrating face. Careless subcontractor. Multiple surgeries with permanent sidfiguring scars and migraine headaches.


Teamster. Age 34. Crushed in forklift accident. Product liability and defective flooring caused load to tip. Pelvic and spinal injuries requiring surgeries, therapies and injections.


Ironworker. Toxic fumes exposure. Disabling lung disease. Compounding pre-existing respiratory illness.


Iron worker. Age 60. Fractures to spinal column in low back and neck


Steamfitter. Age 28. Hit by truck. Negligent driver caused herniated disk in beck and back. Surgeries led to permanent total disability.


Lather. Age25. Crushed under falling plywood dropped by negligent subcontractor. Injuries to knee and opposite foot requiring surgeries and causing disability.




Our clients include Ironworkers, Lathers, Steamfitters, Painters, Carpenters, Masons
Laborers, Plumbers, Elevator Constructors, Millwrights and Electricians.