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Ironworker, 22
Ladder collapsed, fell 30ft, GC failed to provide manlift




Fell through opening, brain injury, paralyzed


Foreman, 30
Blown off roof


Laborer, 23
Fell down defective stairway


Structural steelworker
Knocked off beam


Connector, 38
Struck by crane boom


Fell from scaffold, Neck and back injuries. Spinal surgery resulting in permanent disability


Mason tender, 30
Slips on ice covered ramp


Skyrail contractor
Cement section struck hardhat


Elevator mechanic, 35
Fell from defective catwalk


3,000lb stone panel struck worker


Ironworker, 55
Crane accident


Master Elevator Constructor, 55




Laborer, 31
Impaled by scaffold support penetrating face


Teamster, 34
Crushed in forklift accident


Toxic fumes exposure


Iron Worker, 60
Fractures to spinal column in low back and neck


Concrete Worker
Head injury


Steamfitter, 28
Hit by truck


Lather, 25
Crushed under falling plywood


Nurse, 35
MVA cross-over skull fracture


Iron worker, 34
Fell from height, TBI


Iron worker, 34
Fell from height, TBI


Ornamental Iron worker
Fractures in mid-back


Carpenter, 56
Scaffold collapse, TBI


Foreman, 58
Foot amputated by falling conduit


Fell off building


Anchor bolt collapse causes injury


Iron worker
Permanently disabled, 20 ft fall off beam


Painter, 40
Ladder collapse, fractured arms


Surgery for slipped discs in low back


Severe burns from defective steam valve


Laborer, 36
Hit by falling rebar, neck injury


Crushed by steel beam


Iron worker
Fell through flooring, low back surgery


Laborer, 34
Slip and fall, ankle fusion


Lost eye, product liability, defective belt


Curtain wall worker
Knee injury, dolly accident


Sustained mangled hand


Iron worker
Struck by falling object, head and leg injury


Factory worker, 35
Defective car design, paralysis


Hit by wood, head injury, shoulder surgery


Bolting up worker, 45
Fell through roof opening


Steamfitter, 34
Severe hand injuries after slip and fall


Drill rigger
Injured in crane accident, hit by boom


Steel Laborer
Fell through opening


Hit by hoist


Fell from beam


Ornamental Ironworker
Fell from ramp


Roadway worker
Slipped on wet ramp, back surgery


Union lather
Struck by bundle of rebar, injuring neck


Union carpenter
Struck by drill rig, foot fractures


Steamfitter, 55
Disabling accident with neck surgery


Back surgery after permanent injury


Iron worker
Fell through platform, injured wrist, knee, back


Bridge Painter
Fell from scaffold


Rigger, 33
Flatbed accident, RSD and ankle fracture


Elevator mechanic, 37
Fall from scaffold


Trip and fell on debris


Connector, 35
Crane accident with head injury


Iron worker
Fell from defective ramp, injured knee, back


Fell from scaffold, disabling leg injuries


Injures back in opening fall


Iron worker
Struck by falling plank, neck surgery


Iron worker
Serious knee injury and surgery


Ironworker, 40
Fell when scaffold collapsed


Connector, 36
Multiple knee surgeries, ladder fall


Rigger, 40
Knees crushed by shifting load


Bridge painter, 26
Hand crushed on train switch


Eye injury


Sandhog, 30
Fractured both wrists, no safety harness


Rigger, 34
Neck injury avoiding crane accident


Carpenter, 24
Fractured ankle, no fall protection


Lather, 35
TBI when plank fell from above


Back injury


Fell from scaffold, head injury


Rigger, 47
Low back injury on defective flatbed


Fall off rafter, ankle fracture, partial disability


Bridge Painter
Fell from scaffold


Connector, 35
PTSD hanging by harness off bridge


Millwright, 34
Elbow fracture, slip and fall in tank

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