Scott Singer

Mr. Singer is the Senior Appellate Counsel for Sacks & Sacks.  Mr. Singer, who grew up in Queens and Nassau County, is a graduate of Stanford University and NYU Law School.  After his law school graduation, he served for several years as a law clerk at the Appellate Division, Second Department, including a stint as law secretary to Appellate Division Justice Samuel Rabin.  Since 1983, he has handled all of the firm’s appeals, including appeals in New York’s appellate courts and in the Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and is one of the most successful appellate lawyers in the State. In New York State’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, Scott has prevailed in a series of landmark construction accident cases, including  Bland v  Manocherian, Runner v New York Stock Exchange, Inc., Gallagher v New York Post and Gerrish v 56 Leonard LLC. As a result of the decisions in those cases, New York’s Labor Law has been construed so as to provide strong protections for workers engaged in dangerous construction work.